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Ritashaider 10 days ago

Artichokes French

I had this when traveling through Rochester a couple of years ago and I still cannot forget the flavors, anyone gong to Rochester you must eat at Phillips European Restaurant, you will not be disappointed.

Mlptgreco about 1 month ago

Garden Salad

Delicious salad and house dressing is my favorite!

Kdrysda1 about 2 months ago

Chocolate Mousse Cup

This was the best chocolate mousse I've ever had. Smooth mousse in a chocolate shell with whipped cream. Delicious!

Heather about 2 months ago

Steak au Poivre

This dish was amazing! I love steak and it was cooked perfectly, the sauce was fantastic. We had drinks, appetizers, dinner, cakes and coffee, everything was perfect. The waiters were so good to my step children who where uncertain what to order, they went out of their way to make everyone have a wonderful experience. We love Phillip's and will come back again and again

Bnickles 2 months ago

Angel Hair Pasta with Mushrooms & Artichoke Hearts

This was excellent, all your food is so good. And the desserts are to die for. We received a gift card for Christmas and will be coming in again, can't wait. Also the staff is great.

Wjbrooks64 3 months ago

Scallops and Artichoke Hearts

It was great to taste this It was so tasty Loved it would recommend this to friends and family Please don't change this . Everyone was impressed I usually take some home This dish was amazing

Tammy 4 months ago

Coconut Macaroon Sundae

gluten free, coconut yummy, raspberry and chocolate sauce, add a little extra yumminess with a scoop of coconut ice cream

Tammy 4 months ago

Cherry Berry Cheesecake

Cherry glazed fresh fruit atop a dense, rich and creamy cheese cake … pairs well with a light fruity white wine or a very simple fresh brewed tea.

Tammy 4 months ago

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

The juiciest Strawberries, dipped in creamy Belgian Chocolate - pairs well with Champagne, White Merlot or Riesling

Tammy 4 months ago

Chocolate Chip Walnut Pie

Warm, Gooey chocolate chips, a fresh homemade smell of chocolate chip cookie, but in a pie … a scoop of the vanilla bean ice cream or maple walnut … finished off with a Godiva Coffee or the French Press Coffee selection

Tammy 4 months ago

Double Chocolate Fudge Torte

Definitely a choco-holics dream … Pairs well with Merlot OR Port, Almond Latte or Calypso Coffee, or Italian Mocha

Tammy 4 months ago

Raspberry Almond Torte

This dessert tastes like a Linzer Cookie, much more decadent though and pairs very well with a Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. Non-wine drinkers should have this with a Bailey's Coffee or a Vanilla Latte.

Guest 5 months ago


not a review, but a suggestion. could you add the dates to the daily menu so it is known when it is updated, or at least a date range at the top. thank you

Adragonam 6 months ago

Chicken French over Angel Hair Pasta

excellent, a bit small but very good

Mudhorses1 6 months ago

Chicken French

The BEST I ever had. Rochester is "Chicken French" crazy. But this beats them all. Can't wait to get back to it.

Andersongma453 6 months ago


Oh my word! I tried this soup and it was amazing! Definitely will order this next time I visit.

Doreend 23 days ago

Angel Hair Pasta with Mushrooms & Artichoke Hearts

Our first visit and what a delightful find..The chosen dish for me was Angel hair with mushrooms and artichokes....It was awesome , flavored just right, perfect portion.....and our server was pure delight. Will be back and soon.....

Kdrysda1 about 2 months ago

Chocolate Chip Walnut Pie

This one of my favorites at Phillips. I've had it many times, always warmed with a scoop of ice cream. I think I'll take a slice home when I come in tomorrow and have the mousse with lunch. So hard to decide

Guest about 2 months ago

Chocolate Chip Walnut Pie

Best dessert. Get it every time!

Bethanyac5 about 2 months ago

Viennese Meringue Torte

This is the absolute best dessert I have ever had!

Guest 3 months ago


I have it every time it's available when we come in.

Tammy 4 months ago

Baklava Sundae

Warmed up, the honey syrup is the only "side" you need for this decadent dessert, pairs well with an espresso, Vanilla Almond Cafe Au Lait or Sauvignon Blanc

Tammy 4 months ago

Caramel Pecan Cheesecake

This had to be one of my absolute favorite desserts. The Chocolate Pecan Cheesecake is an amped up Caramel Turtle confection … once you have this cheesecake you will not want any other

Tammy 4 months ago

Truffle Torte

FLOURLESS - Tastes like a chocolate truffle, raspberry sauce for dipping... pairs well with a Port, Merlot or Shiraz, and for those that are not red wine drinkers - try with a raspberry champagne

Tammy 4 months ago

Chocolate Mousse Cup

Lite airy chocolate (gluten free) mousse encased in a chocolate shell, With your choice - topped with fresh apricot glazed raspberries, topped with white chocolate swirls or fresh whipped cream, chocolate swirls and a frees raspberry

Tammy 4 months ago

Peanut Butter Torte

REESE'S PB CUP BUT BETTER, MUCH BETTER - a chocolate and peanut butter lovers NEED

Tammy 4 months ago

German Chocolate Torte

Oh My Yum!!!!

Tammy 4 months ago

Lemon Torte

Not a huge Lemon fan, BUT I will say that this is the very best Lemon Torte I have ever tasted

Gilbert 6 months ago

Scallops Provencale

The largest tastiest scallops I have ever had--Not just a fluke--went back 3 times our alltime fav

Mudhorses1 6 months ago

Veal French

Just assume! The ONLY place I will order this dish. No one does it better.Period!!!!! I will be back!

Danderson 6 months ago

Chicken French over Angel Hair Pasta

The server was the "BEST" , very attentive to our large party of 11 people at the lunch hour. There were people who had never been to Phillips and plan to visit again for the dinner hour.